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Krdz is an easy to use, non-distracting flash card app.

In Krdz, you create flash cards by simply writing them, like in a text editor or word processor.

Krdz uses spaced repition and knows when to show you a flash card for you to answer.

Krdz is available on the App Store.

What does "Krdz" mean?

"Krdz" is another way to write "cards". If you try to pronounce it then you would (most likely ^^) say "cards".

Privacy Statement

I design my software following the principle to only collect, process, and store data that is actually needed for the software to serve its purpose. No single bit more than that. In German, the name of this principle is "Datensparsamkeit." A literal translation of this word would be "data thrift."

You use Krdz without a user account. Krdz will not ask you for personal data.

Krdz requests information from about products available in the in-app store. Such requests will be logged by the web hosting service Strato which hosts The following data is logged for each request:

IP addresses are considered to be personal data. Strato does not provide access to the IP addresses that have been logged. See also Strato.

Data you have entered in Krdz will not leave the app.

No personal data is processed by Krdz.

No user tracking of any kind is used.

Regarding in-app purchases, see Apple's iTunes Store & Privacy Statement.