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Practice getting position fixes!

With "Fix at Night" you practice the following aspects of nautical navigation:

Fix at Night is available on the App Store.

Things you need in addition to the app:

Fix at Night turns your iPhone into a window/binoculars into the night. From a position on the training chart D 49/INT 1463 you observe the beacons and nautical lights around you and take their bearings. After you got a position fix you enter the coordinates into the app which then will tell you how far your position is off. The smaller the difference the better!

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I design my software following the principle to only collect, process, and store data that is actually needed for the software to serve its purpose. No single bit more than that. In German, the name of this principle is "Datensparsamkeit." A literal translation of this word is "data thrift".

In effect, this means: